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My 1/24 Scale Model Cars

My Model Cars
I have been asked for pics of my model cars..so...by popular demand,Here They Are!!!

1966 GTO Street Machine
This was my most recent model. Built in 2001,won some awards. Sold it on Ebay.
1966 GTO Engine
Fully wired with lots of aftermarket goodies!!
1967 Impala
This one was built in 1998.Won numerous awards with it. Sold it on Ebay also.
1998 Camaro ProMod Slot Car
This one was never raced, All brand new parts,sold on Ebay for over 100 dollars.
1971 Duster Slot Car
This one was also built strictly to sell. Brand New.Never raced.
1956 Nomad Lowrider
Car included murals on the chassis!!
One of my earlier cars,built in 1991. Used 3 Lamborghini Diablo bodies to make this one!!