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Customizing Tips and Tricks

This page will have more tips and tricks,including some from others!!
I'm still working on what to put in here,so keep checking back!!

  Here's a neat tip for custom PR5 wheels!! Got this from another customizer on the web!!
First drill smakll holes in the inside edge of the rim,where the spokes meet the rim.Scrape chrome from the spokes so the super glue will stick to it.Super glue some small diameter plastic rod to the spokes. This can be found at any well stocked hobby shop.The rod comes in bare white plastic,so they can be painted,chrome (or gold) foiled,or left white,your choice.

  Spark Plug Wiring
I use 30 awgKynar Wire (wrapping wire) available from Radio Shack in red,white,or blue colors. I prefer the white,and if I need colored wire I just die it using a permanent marker.Drill small holes where your spark plugs go.Use a small diameter drill bit in a pin vise (available at any hobby shop). If you don't have a drill bit this small.you can also use a Hot Wheels axle for the drill bit. When holes are drilled simply glue wires where they need to go.

  Here's a little more explanation on cutting and hinging!!
While I haven't actually tried doing this myself yet,(the link I had in here was from another website) I do have a good idea of how to do it. I will try to explain it for those of you having as hard time figuring out from pictures.
First,you will need 2 of the same body casting. One will be the donor car for the panels to be used,and one is the main car. Take the donor car,and your Dremel (or whatever method you use for cutting) Cut the doors,hood,trunk lid,or whatever other parts you may be hinging from this casting. Cut AWAY from the opening lines,as you will need to file these edges to fit your body casting LATER..not at this time. DO NOT CUT INTO THE PART ITSELF,AS THESE ARE YOUR PANELS YOU WILL BE USING!!
Next,take your main body casting and remove the panels you will be hinging.Cut on the INSIDE of all the opening lines,and file away the rest of the material.
Now take your other panels and file them til they fit your body casting.
The next step is actually making the hinges. I will cover that in another section.