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Bondo's World

Welcome to my Hot Wheels Customs website!!

This is my little website to show my customs and how-to articles,and maybe help someone with new ideas!! This site is always under construction so keep checking back for updates!!!

My Personal Info...

First a little about myself. My nickname came from my 1/25 scale model car building days.One builder that I truly idolized for his 'dare to be different' style was Ken Brickell of Kentucky.We ran into each other at a lot of contests in the midwest and he eventually noticed my work. Since most of my models incorporated a LOT of bondo in them,he gave me the nickname'Bondoman'. It took me some years before I finally got on the internet and when I did,I appropriately used that for a screenname. It also applies very well,as my career is Automotive Collision Repair. Since the year 2000 was when I got online,I just added the '2k' on the end.

I have been a collector of Hot Wheels cars off and on ever since I remember when they came out new in 1968. And like most of us, I wish I still had those cars. The best I can do now is try to replace them,but no matter how you look at it,the memories of those first cars will always be better than what's in your hand.

And I ,like most other customizers,wasn't always happy with the cars the way they were. We all thought we could make them better,so out came the model car paint and brushes(HEHEHE)!!And of course,they never did look better,but we sure thought so!!

But now the internet has changed all that,and the customizing diecast world has emerged from the stone age!!

Be sure to check out all the pages and don't forget to sign the guestbook!!

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Be sure to check out all the pages,and keep checking back!!

I am sorry I haven't been able to update this site lately,but I am kicking around some ideas as I am typing and I will be updating this VERY soon!!(June 13,2002). Watch for some NEW pictures and more new tech tips REAL SOON!!!